Meet Fermin: Coffee Producer and Beekeeper Practicing Permaculture Principles with Viva Clandestino

Check out this special person who specializes in beekeeping – and amazing coffee!

Part coffee producer, part beekeeper – Fermin is a unique partner of Viva Clandestino! 

Not only does Fermin produce high quality coffee in his local Peruvian lots; he also harvests honey from bees in accordance with the permaculture principles. For example, the local and exotic trees that he surrounds his lot with provide storm protection as well as nectar for the bees and shade for the coffee plants. This not only helps to produce healthy and strong bees and plants, but high quality honey and coffee at large volumes to be sold on the global market. 

A true display of care for the earth, care for the people and fair share. Fermin explains:

"Permaculture in beekeeping is a very important way of reducing deforestation and keeping the local ecosystem healthy. We plant a diverse range of native and exotic tree species that not only support coffee production, but also from which the bees can nourish themselves with nectar." 

By diversifying his product and focusing heavily on high quality and sustainability, Fermin is a bright example of how we can best manage land to the benefit of everyone. We are proud to work with someone who shares in our mission to make a difference in how we can produce coffee.

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